Library 2

A Library for Future Engineers and Technologists


The Library 2 offers the facility to use computers with the Internet to students of School of Engineering & Technology (B.Tech.) and DDU Kaushal Kendra (B.Voc.). The e-Library comprises 20 computers for use. It is open from 9 am to 5.30 pm. on all working days.  The e-library is meant to use only for educational purposes, not for entertainment purposes. The detailed rule to use it for the better outcome are as follows:


Rules for the Users of the E-Library

  1. Show your valid ID card to use e-library.
  2. Make an entry in the entry register to use e-library.
  3. Keep mobile phones on silent mode.
  4. In case of theft/ destruction of the computers or peripherals, the actual cost of the lost equipment will be charged from the student/user.
  5. Do not install or use any external software on the computers.
  6. Watching & downloading songs and movies and pornography is strictly prohibited.
  7. Do not change, modify, or update computer configurations unless authorized by an instructor or lab staff. (i.e. screensavers, wallpapers, printers, network properties, and screen properties)
  8. Do not play video games.
  9. Eating, smoking and drinking beverages are strictly prohibited.
  10. Shouting, loud talking, use of cell phone or listening music is strictly prohibited in the e-library.
  11. Do not move, change, or replace any computer peripheral.
  12. Do not insert Pen Drives, CDs, and DVD etc. on computers.
  13. Do not share Username and Password.
  14. Please keep silence.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!!!