Library 2

A Library for Future Engineers and Technologists

Circulation Service


Book Lending Service

Book Loan Criteria/Borrowing Entitlements for Faculty/Students/Staff:

The bonified members of the Library 2 (i.e. the students and faculty of School of Engineering & Technology and DDU Kaushal Kendra) may borrow books from the library as per the limits set below. The lending process is fully automated through barcoding system.

S.No. Category Number of Books permitted Issued for- No. of days
1. Students 04 15
2. Teaching Staff 10 180
3. Non-Teaching Staff 04 30

Fine: All categories namely students, faculty, and staff shall be imposed fine into two slots after the due date, i.e. Rs. 1 (One) per day per book for first 15 days and after that Rs. 5 (Five) per day per book until the user submits the book to the library.

Loss or Mutilation of documents by Library Members:

  • Library materials are to be handled with care.
  • If a book is lost or mutilated beyond usable condition, then the book has to be replaced with the same or latest edition of that book.
  • The actual cost of the book as per library records.
  • If the book is out of print, then three times the cost of the book has to be paid to the library.
  • If the book is reported (in writing) as lost/ misplaced, the overdue charges are not levied in such case from the date of the report until the same is replaced (it must be resolved within two months)

Theft/Misuse of Library Resources:

  • The theft or abuse of Library resources like books, journal issues, and magazines will be viewed very seriously.
  • Each case will be examined to ascertain its genuineness and the matter will be reported to the Registrar, and Deputy Registrar (Admin) for further action.

Books that can be borrowed:

  • Subject Books from the general shelf can be borrowed.

Documents that cannot be borrowed:

  • Reference Books, Journals, Bound Volumes, Loose issues of journals and the latest available issue of the magazines are to be referred within library premises and are not available for issuing out.
  • The CD-ROM, DVD may be borrowed by depositing ID Card and the member has to use CD on Computer provided at Periodical Section.